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Meet the Current GNCCARN President, Jennifer Bailey

President’s Message

Let me say thank you for your confidence in voting me into the President position of the Greater North Carolina Chapter of Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (GNCCARN).  I am honored and humbled to serve my fellow rehabilitation nurses.  I think of where GNCCARN has been, where the association is now and where the association is headed in the future.  GNCCARN is in the infancy stage of life.  I say this because life is a journey and GNCCARN is just beginning the journey.  The future of GNCCARN is large!  The future of Rehabilitation Nursing is large!  As healthcare changes, rehabilitative nurses must be involved in the changes to educate our patients, residents, family members and community members in order to promote and improve healthcare.  Our journey has just begun! 

The journey includes the educational opportunities for our rehabilitative nurses.  Furthermore, the journey includes increasing our members to fully represent the impact rehabilitative nurses have in this state.  Rehabilitative nurses provide a special type of nursing which involves promoting independence.  The time has come to educate others what is so special about rehabilitation nursing and why rehabilitation nursing is so important.  I encourage all our members to become active in our local legislative meetings in regards to healthcare.  We need to become part of the solution to the healthcare crisis.  I welcome the opportunity to learn from others so please send any recommendations or request of what GNCCARN and I can add or change to improve our journey.  I challenge all members to talk up our association and fully take advantage of the association’s benefits.  We need to motivate our fellow nurses to join our journey! 

Thank you!

Jennifer J. Bailey, MSN, RN, CR

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